How to stop feeling down

It’s Sunday, 9.31am, and I’m on my yoga mat. I’m right in the middle of the room, surrounded by 49 other yoga addicts. Nothing unusual about that, except that I’m crying. In the quiet stillness of dozens of people intensely focusing on their breath I reach gingerly for my sweat towel. Hoping the teacher isn’t wondering why I need it already, thirty seconds into the class, I dab at my damp face. Continue reading “How to stop feeling down”

Pattern review: Maternity Agnes Dress

Pattern by: Tilly and the Buttons Sizing I followed the sizing in the instructions and found it true to size. This is a summer dress so hasn’t had too much wear during my autumn-spring pregnancy, but because of the stretchy fabric I would say it would work well at any stage. I’m currently in my ninth month and it’s really comfy. This pattern has a … Continue reading Pattern review: Maternity Agnes Dress

Review: Fabric shaver for pills and bobbles

In last week’s post I shared advice on how to prevent your clothes from pilling or bobbling. But what about when your clothes have already pilled? This week I picked up a fabric shaver to find out just how well it works. Here’s how I got on! I bought the Philips Fabric Shaver from Harvey Norman for $24 (around £12), though I can see the … Continue reading Review: Fabric shaver for pills and bobbles

64 days of lockdown… 64 online deliveries?

In 2020 I completed a year of not buying clothes, which became the impetus for me learning how to make my own clothes. This year, 64 days (to date) of being at COVID-19 Alert Level 3 or 4 has meant no window shopping or in-person purchases. At the same time, I’ve been preparing for the arrival of our little one, with no access to baby … Continue reading 64 days of lockdown… 64 online deliveries?