I got the job!

Ok, sorry to have left you all in suspense last week. I got the job!

I’m extremely excited; I’ll be working for a homelessness charity, which is a cause I’m truly passionate about. I won’t even be doing accountancy, so (as in the title of this blog) I will finally be living the dream.

I must admit, part of the satisfaction in getting the job came from telling the doubters and doomsayers. Today my manager gave me a condescending, pitying look as she asked “any luck with finding a job?”. How I loved surprising her by answering “Yes, I start in two weeks actually.” Ha!

A few of my friends and family hadn’t exactly been over the moon about me leaving my steady, well-paid job. So I feel pretty good (and, let’s say it, slightly smug) being able to tell them that I won’t be scrounging off them, as decent taxpayers, for even a day. Boom! Kapow! I have a job!

Celebration! (Boom! Kapow!)
Celebration! (Boom! Kapow!)

Today was my last day of the old job, which was rather an anticlimax, to be honest. I did a couple of hours work at a client site in the morning, then headed back to the office to hand in my final expense form, my laptop and staff pass. Every action I took was a “last”; the last time I’d be auditing at a client’s office, the last timesheet I’d submit, the last lunch from the canteen. None of which was remotely significant or exciting or interesting; it just… was.

So how do I feel now that I’m out? Well relief is the first emotion that springs to mind. The fact that I never have to do an audit EVER AGAIN might take some getting used to.

I’m also excited about having some time off. I’ve got two weeks before starting my new role, and I’m looking forward to getting my life a bit more organised. Clearing out the garage, finding somewhere permanent to live, getting a regular running routine.  All extremely mundane activities, but ones I can’t wait to get stuck into.

So, I got the job. But the blog doesn’t stop here. This is all about ‘Living the Dream’, so I’ll still be writing every Sunday, letting you know how I’m getting on. One friend of mine asked me whether I thought I’d enjoy any other office job more than the one I was in. Well, now’s my chance to find out. Thanks for reading, thanks for your support. See you next Sunday folks!

2 thoughts on “I got the job!

  1. Well done Bel! Good luck on the house hunt and the new job and your new start in life! I hope all three will make you very happy and satisfied.
    Love, Hazel x


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