Houses of Parliament - No More Page 3

Still not convinced that Page 3 should go?

The following is taken from the No More Page 3 campaign’s website, with thanks…


1) It’s 2014 people!…it isn’t the sexist 1970s anymore!

2) We’re talking about soft porn in a family newspaper that kids see!! Until 2003 the models were only 16 (and dressed up in school ties and hats – seriously!) It’s never been ok!!! We will look back on this and go ‘oh my goodness, we did what?’

3) What are we teaching kids? They see page after page of pictures of men in clothes doing stuff (you know, running the country, achieving in sport!) and what are the women doing in this society they’re learning about? Er, they’re standing in their pants showing their breasts for men… It’s not really fair, is it?

4) Women say and do and think interesting and incredible things. They are people, people! Not things! Not ‘that’ The fact that we hear ‘look at the tits on that’ or ‘I’d do that’ is disgusting and disrespectful! And Page 3 of The Sun is the icon that normalizes this horrible sexist banter. Urgh.

5) Every weekday for the last 44 years in The Sun newspaper the largest female image has been of a young woman showing her breasts for men, indicating that whatever else a woman achieves, her primary role is to serve men sexually. Pretty rubbish that really.

6) The Sun newspaper could be soooo much better without Page 3. Any story they do about women’s issues such as rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence or the dangers of online porn is drowned out by the neon sign that Page 3 is that says ‘shut up, girls, and get your tits out.’

*let’s be clear here…We love breasts! And this is nothing against the women who do this…we simply feel that a family newspaper is the wrong context for these images

– all we are really asking is that women be represented with respect in the newspaper..rather like men are….

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