Isn’t it amazing what you can get done when you’re not having a panic attack?

After a tough week with daily panic attacks increasing from one to three it was time to self-intervene in my life.

I needed to go into work and face the matter – in person. So this morning I hyperventilated my way to the office to explain what I needed, ask for support and collect my laptop to work from home. We decided that I would take today off to reset, then phase back up to full speed with a mixture of working from home and in the office.

Back out into the world

I headed out into the heat to tackle my tasks for the day. And, wow, it’s amazing what you can get done when you’re not hyperventilating and focusing on not crying all the time. Here’s what I managed today:

1. First on the list? Get professional help. I researched counselling and psychotherapy in the local area, emailing a few that looked like they would be a good fit. I got a response and booked an appointment for tomorrow. Tick.

2. My next challenge was to take the leap and book a studio for my very own yoga classes. I had already drawn up my shortlist of potential venues, so I contacted the owner of my favourite and we locked in my weekly spot: Sunday evenings, starting 17th March (giving my throat time to recover from surgery on Friday) at 40 St Benedicts Street, Eden Terrace:


  Rebel Yogi’s new home on St Benedicts Street, Eden Terrace, Auckland
Rebel Yogi’s new home on St Benedicts Street, Eden Terrace, Auckland


3. Before getting on with my Rebel Yogi marketing, I needed an on-brand email address. Who knew it would be so complex to set up It involved finding the DNS records in my domain host and adding new MX records – are you still with me? I have to say, I was pretty pleased with myself when I finished!

4. Now for the fun part: designing flyers to go in the mailboxes of my apartment building and to share with local businesses:


  Mock-ups of my flyers for neighbours and local businesses
Mock-ups of my flyers for neighbours and local businesses


5. Once that was done I decided to get a few household tasks done. In my volcanic magma-temperature Mazda I drove over to the courier depot to collect a parcel whose ‘sorry we missed you’ card had been patiently waiting on the fridge for a week.

6. From there it was a quick trip to Briscoes for some dishwasher-safe chopping boards (yippee! no more chopping board scrubbing! #firstworldproblems) and a duvet cover for our new super-sized bed.

7. I had intended to get a massage for my sore shoulder (still getting used to the new mattress!) but when I got to Newmarket I just didn’t feel like it. Instead I followed the advice all websites give women when they’re feeling down: treat yo’self. I got a manicure in the most popping neon shade I could find. Sweet nails = no more #fails, right?



8. Before heading back to the flat I stopped by the same café I went to last time I needed a day off work for headspace. I was amazed how many ladies of leisure were kicking back with a glass of chardonnay as I settled in to a generous pot of tea and doorstopper slice of lemon cake.



9. My biggest achievement of the day – perhaps the month – was an EPIC parallel park down a crazy steep hill. And nobody was even there to see it! I genuinely stood by my car for about five seconds marvelling at what I’d done. I nearly took a photo to send to Mr C. Just about restrained myself. Still, you guys know about it now, so #win.

10. Back home I lovingly folded my clothes, Marie Kondo-style, while watching the first Harry Potter film, until Mr C arrived back. The first two things he did on getting through the door? Giving me a big hug and a glass of chilled rosé with my name on it (literally). This one’s a keeper.



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