Hello and kia ora!

I’m Annabel, aka The Writing Half. My motto in life is: ‘Do good for people and planet’. I’m trying to make the world a better place the best way I know how: through writing.

I have a few passions in life: promoting strong mental health, gender equality, and sustainable fashion.

A few things to know about me: I’m quietly living my dream life here in New Zealand with my husband Liam. Some of my favourite things are yummy food, time with whānau, big mugs of Yorkshire Tea, exercise endorphins and lots of sleep. I like to lift barbells, and love power flow yoga and soothing yin in equal measure. My self-challenge not to buy clothes for a year led to me taking up dressmaking, so after work you’ll often find me at my sewing table, listening to an audiobook.

Thanks for reading. Constructive comments always appreciated.