Can you put a price on your health?

So far this year, I tell Liam, we have spent $2,304.16 on my health. That’s about $536 per month, I say, incredulously, and it doesn’t even include things that contribute to good health like gym membership, yoga or nutritious food. You’re worth every penny darling, he says kindly, looking far less horrified than he is entitled to be. Coming from the UK, I’m not used … Continue reading Can you put a price on your health?

This is why I leave work on time, sisters

Look I haven’t been to yoga for a week so you’ll have to excuse me, alright? My zen has done a runner. I’m so jacked up on fury right now. Unfortunately, now that you’re here, you’re going to feel the full force of it. You and that almond croissant anyway. I’ve quit trying to stick to my self-enforced two-cups-a-day rule. Now I drink my caffeine by the bucket. And so that I can refill at any time of day I keep our kettle on a rolling boil, which – coincidentally – perfectly describes my mood.

Our futuristic kettle has a dreamy ‘rolling boil’ option…
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