Thoughts on approaching a milestone month

I’m approaching the end of the July with mixed feelings. It marks the end of my 12 months of not spending money on clothes, and – perhaps no less of a milestone – my 32nd birthday. That’s right, I’m as old as Prozac, Photoshop, Rain Man, and George Michael’s Faith. It’s also been the year I stopped feeling invincible and instead discovered the importance of … Continue reading Thoughts on approaching a milestone month

What you discover about your body when you sew your own clothes

I’m almost halfway through my year of not buying clothes. What’s changed? Well, going cold turkey has completely shifted my mindset on shopping. From spending hundreds of dollars every month to nothing at all, this was a shock to the system to jolt me out of my bad habit. At this six month milestone I have set myself a new challenge: learning to sew my … Continue reading What you discover about your body when you sew your own clothes

This is why I leave work on time, sisters

Look I haven’t been to yoga for a week so you’ll have to excuse me, alright? My zen has done a runner. I’m so jacked up on fury right now. Unfortunately, now that you’re here, you’re going to feel the full force of it. You and that almond croissant anyway. I’ve quit trying to stick to my self-enforced two-cups-a-day rule. Now I drink my caffeine by the bucket. And so that I can refill at any time of day I keep our kettle on a rolling boil, which – coincidentally – perfectly describes my mood.

Our futuristic kettle has a dreamy ‘rolling boil’ option…
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Don’t forget what a wedding is about

“When’s your Mum arriving?” is a question I’ve been asked so often in the last couple of months that I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard it.

It’s a question that gets me on edge as soon as it’s out, because – without fail – the next bit of the conversation is identical, every single time.

“We’re just having a very small wedding, us and two witnesses”

“Oh” they then say, looking aghast, with no attempt to conceal their horror, just like every other person who’s asked the same question. “Is she really upset?”

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Fat Feminist Outrage

or Why it’s not political correctness gone mad to ban the Protein World advert.  (N.B. *trigger warning*) I could write an essay about this advert. I really could. From advertising and marketing, to body image and eating disorders, to health and nutrition, to feminism, to mental health, to the sexualisation of women in society, to capitalism and consumerism, to the colour yellow. I could write pages and … Continue reading Fat Feminist Outrage