My wishlist for the next 25 years

New Zealanders have a choice: to either perpetuate the structures that hold women back or to create a new narrative that is truly egalitarian. Here are my suggestions for the next 25 years. From the Black Ferns negotiating a salary in a landmark deal, to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern becoming only the second world leader to give birth while in office. From the #MeToo movement … Continue reading My wishlist for the next 25 years

The Great Sexist Bake Off

Invisible Obstacles

My Lean In circle is a group of passionate, intelligent, ambitious, thriving women. We often discuss ways we can break through the subtle sexist obstacles in our workplaces. These walls, barriers or ceilings – glass ceilings, if you like – can be hard to see unless you put in your special ‘gender equality’ lenses and take a deliberate look. Continue reading “The Great Sexist Bake Off”

It’s the Little Things

It’s a big deal when a woman gets into Downing Street, because it’s rare. I’m not the prime minister, so my life hasn’t just changed overnight. Instead I’m still affected every day by the quieter symptoms of gender inequality, which feature far less in the media than the ‘second female prime minister’ catchphrase. This week at the Auckland Lean In Circle, that’s what we discussed. … Continue reading It’s the Little Things