Don’t forget what a wedding is about

“When’s your Mum arriving?” is a question I’ve been asked so often in the last couple of months that I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard it.

It’s a question that gets me on edge as soon as it’s out, because – without fail – the next bit of the conversation is identical, every single time.

“We’re just having a very small wedding, us and two witnesses”

“Oh” they then say, looking aghast, with no attempt to conceal their horror, just like every other person who’s asked the same question. “Is she really upset?”

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The Good Feminist’s Wedding

Okay, now I’ve got the whole surname issue out of the way, it’s time to tackle the rest of the wedding. Whilst I’m not being a total radical (I’ll talk about my veil and white dress next time…) I’m making some deliberate choices to ensure that my wedding sets the right tone for my marriage. Continue reading “The Good Feminist’s Wedding”

Why I’m changing my surname when I get married

In 100 days I’m going to become ‘Mrs Coxon’. I know. I’ve always said I would never change my name when I get married, but I changed my mind. Undoubtedly, feminist friends and family of mine will be shocked, disappointed in me even, so I feel I need to defend and explain myself. Continue reading “Why I’m changing my surname when I get married”

Christmas with no drugs

Mental health is often viewed as a completely different kettle of fish to physical health. As though the two are totally unrelated. People are scared, uncomfortable or nervous about mental ill health, I feel. Around Christmas has always been a really difficult time for me. It is, inescapably, a period where food and drink take centre stage. Although I rub along well with food for … Continue reading Christmas with no drugs