How to choose good stock photography (and why it matters)

Connecting with other people, especially visually, is kind of our thing, as humans. We love seeing ourselves, our friends and other people, which is why billions of humans do selfies, Instagram and TikTok. And that’s why photography is so important in marketing and communications. Because business isn’t about spreadsheets and laptops. It’s about people. When we see people that we can relate to, we feel … Continue reading How to choose good stock photography (and why it matters)

6 ways men can help close the gender pay gap

There’s plenty out there about women having to lean in, but we rarely talk about how men can also play their part by shuffling that fixed deck of cards. I don’t for a moment pretend to have all the answers. But I do have a few suggestions. Ask for flexible working arrangements Mums aren’t the only people who benefit from flexible working arrangements. Speaking from … Continue reading 6 ways men can help close the gender pay gap

My wishlist for the next 25 years

New Zealanders have a choice: to either perpetuate the structures that hold women back or to create a new narrative that is truly egalitarian. Here are my suggestions for the next 25 years. From the Black Ferns negotiating a salary in a landmark deal, to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern becoming only the second world leader to give birth while in office. From the #MeToo movement … Continue reading My wishlist for the next 25 years

The Great Sexist Bake Off

Invisible Obstacles

My Lean In circle is a group of passionate, intelligent, ambitious, thriving women. We often discuss ways we can break through the subtle sexist obstacles in our workplaces. These walls, barriers or ceilings – glass ceilings, if you like – can be hard to see unless you put in your special ‘gender equality’ lenses and take a deliberate look. Continue reading “The Great Sexist Bake Off”

Not pregnant / Definitely not pregnant

At work some of my colleagues are *this* close to openly laying bets on when I’ll get pregnant. Seriously. Some ask me to my face, others gossip about it in the kitchen. And I know the ones who aren’t discussing it publicly are probably still thinking it privately.
Since I got married it’s been happening with unsettling frequency. Liam and I have discussed making one of those in/out slider signs for my desk, saying ‘not pregnant/ definitely not pregnant’. Continue reading “Not pregnant / Definitely not pregnant”