Skating around perfectionism

Somehow this morning I found myself wobbling on a battered pair of 1970s roller skates like a baby deer learning to walk. How did this happen?

In the honeymoon period, the days and weeks following our wedding, colleagues have regularly been asking me how I’m enjoying married life. In truth, just after the wedding I was anxious and struggling. I had lost direction, without the move to New Zealand, the new job and home, or the wedding to focus on.

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Reasons to be happy

As any of my friends can tell you, I’ve been a right mardy bum recently. Moping around, pessimistic about everything, whining and whinging and quickly turning into a snappy diva. There are many reasons for me acting like a stroppy teenager, but what about the reasons to be happy? Optimism Countless studies suggest that optimism has health benefits, so that sounds like a good place … Continue reading Reasons to be happy