Did your wife “stop getting paid” this week?

This is an updated version of an article first published in November 2017. From Monday 28th November, the media says, working women in New Zealand are “in effect working for nothing” until the new year. For wāhine Māori and Pasifika women, it’s even worse. Now you know as well as I do that it’s not quite as simple as that. If it were, perhaps we … Continue reading Did your wife “stop getting paid” this week?

Barbie for President!

A new vision of Barbie was unveiled today, that astonishing woman who is nearly up to her 160th career. This time she is ‘Entrepreneur Barbie’, replete with smartphone and tablet as well as the obligatory bright pink dress and stiletto shoes. In spite of the seemingly positive career move for the ever-youthful lady, the usual digs were made. One article quoted a study, done by … Continue reading Barbie for President!

Houses of Parliament - No More Page 3

Seriously: they’re just breasts

The other day I explained feminism to my little sister, who mistakenly thought that it was the belief that ‘women are and should be treated as better than men’. I told her that I felt it was something like this: the belief that men and women are and should be treated as potential intellectual and social equals. ‘Oh’, she said. ‘Why’s it called feminism then? … Continue reading Seriously: they’re just breasts