Infographic : Equal Pay vs. Gender Pay Gap

A few years ago I joined an organisation focused on getting a better gender balance in NZ’s leadership. There, I discovered that the gender pay gap was not the same as unequal pay for the same work. The first is common, and annoyingly legal. The latter, though still sometimes happening, is illegal (in NZ and the UK, at least). It comes down to this: there … Continue reading Infographic : Equal Pay vs. Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap vs. Equal Pay: What’s the Difference?

There’s a common misconception that ‘(un)equal pay’ and ‘the gender pay gap’ are the same thing, but they are actually quite different. Equal Pay Men and women paid the same amount for doing the same work. Good to know: A legal requirement in New Zealand since 1972. Pay Equity Men and women paid the same for doing work of equal value. Good to know: In … Continue reading Gender Pay Gap vs. Equal Pay: What’s the Difference?

The Great Sexist Bake Off

Invisible Obstacles

My Lean In circle is a group of passionate, intelligent, ambitious, thriving women. We often discuss ways we can break through the subtle sexist obstacles in our workplaces. These walls, barriers or ceilings – glass ceilings, if you like – can be hard to see unless you put in your special ‘gender equality’ lenses and take a deliberate look. Continue reading “The Great Sexist Bake Off”

(Illustration Credit: Jennifer Williams)

Why I’m just like Jennifer Lawrence

You may have come across Jennifer Lawrence’s recent article for Lenny. In it she writes about her experience finding out (at the same time as millions around the world) that she had been paid a sizeable amount less than her male colleagues for her role in ‘American Hustle’. It turns out that gender inequality is alive and kicking in Hollywood, just as non-film-star women get paid less than their male counterparts for the same work all around the world. I’m impressed by J-Law’s maturity when she confesses, “I didn’t get mad at Sony” – the company paying her salary – “I got mad at myself. I failed as a negotiator because I gave up early.” Continue reading “Why I’m just like Jennifer Lawrence”