Why I’m not built for baby showers

Growing up, fun was never the stated goal in my family home. To be successful at life was to be diligent, disciplined, and frugal; it’s the protestant work ethic that has stayed with me, even as a confirmed agnostic. Doing anything my brain perceives as “frivolous” can be an inherently guilt-ridden experience for me. It’s why I could still only ever take out a loan … Continue reading Why I’m not built for baby showers

It’s not cheating to ask for help

Not long ago I wrote about not wanting to go to therapy again, seeing it as a sign of my own personal failure. I felt similarly about resorting to drugs. When I came off citalopram last time, in 2014, it was a point of pride for me. I was proud that I had reached a point where I felt comfortable to go it alone, to swim by myself without the buoyancy aid. Without cheating. Continue reading “It’s not cheating to ask for help”