The Happiest Girl in the World

How often do you stop, drink in the moment, and realise that you’re happy? For me, it’s not something I usually do enough. But right now, I can’t help but think it on a daily basis. I’m supremely, ridiculously, smugly happy. No apologies. The problems that used to make me reach for the fluoxetine or citalopram haven’t gone away (in fact, they’ve probably got worse) … Continue reading The Happiest Girl in the World

Getting What I Want

When I first considered the prospect of impending unemployment, my outlook was undeniably gloomy. I wouldn’t be able to afford Wimbledon rent, that’s for sure. Would I have to take a job I dislike even more than accountancy, with potentially worse hours and unquestionably worse pay? My French housemate was scathing of my pessimism. “You English people are so pessimistic! Why do you expect to … Continue reading Getting What I Want