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Seriously: they’re just breasts

The other day I explained feminism to my little sister, who mistakenly thought that it was the belief that ‘women are and should be treated as better than men’. I told her that I felt it was something like this: the belief that men and women are and should be treated as potential intellectual and social equals. ‘Oh’, she said. ‘Why’s it called feminism then? … Continue reading Seriously: they’re just breasts

Screwed up eating

These days it’s a rare week when food, eating and weight are out of the headlines (quite aside from the cover of Heat magazine). If it’s not the obesity crisis bringing the NHS to its podgy knees it’s competitive undereaters starving themselves at the country’s top independent schools. Last week was Eating Disorders Awareness Week, a campaign championed by a charity close to my heart … Continue reading Screwed up eating

Getting What I Want

When I first considered the prospect of impending unemployment, my outlook was undeniably gloomy. I wouldn’t be able to afford Wimbledon rent, that’s for sure. Would I have to take a job I dislike even more than accountancy, with potentially worse hours and unquestionably worse pay? My French housemate was scathing of my pessimism. “You English people are so pessimistic! Why do you expect to … Continue reading Getting What I Want