Fat Feminist Outrage

or Why it’s not political correctness gone mad to ban the Protein World advert.  (N.B. *trigger warning*) I could write an essay about this advert. I really could. From advertising and marketing, to body image and eating disorders, to health and nutrition, to feminism, to mental health, to the sexualisation of women in society, to capitalism and consumerism, to the colour yellow. I could write pages and … Continue reading Fat Feminist Outrage


Apparently we’re at a crisis point for body image. While the nation’s waistlines expand, we’re increasingly told that we should be stick thin to be beautiful. Every so often the media gets het up about it; Vogue claims it will show “normal” people in its pages, the catwalks ban “underweight” models. It doesn’t take long for Heat magazine et al to start pointing and laughing … Continue reading U-G-L-Y