The Sun has made a boob

So it turns out it was all a bit of fun. The Sun, which never said it had dropped topless models on page 3, hasn’t in fact dropped topless models on page 3. Hilarious. When the first few whispers started appearing saying that it had ended, I was sceptical. I’ve spent the last year or so campaigning with No More Page 3, badgering friends, family, … Continue reading The Sun has made a boob

Anti-homeless spikes and #nomorepage3 likes

Ok, let me disclose upfront that I am biased on both counts here. There are two petitions running at the moment that I’ve signed. The first, the #nomorepage3 campaign, has 194,796 signatures at the time of writing. The second, the petition to ‘Remove the Anti-Homeless Spikes’ has garnered 127,852. The first started two years ago, the latter just a week ago. I’m biased because I work … Continue reading Anti-homeless spikes and #nomorepage3 likes