Don’t forget what a wedding is about

“When’s your Mum arriving?” is a question I’ve been asked so often in the last couple of months that I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard it.

It’s a question that gets me on edge as soon as it’s out, because – without fail – the next bit of the conversation is identical, every single time.

“We’re just having a very small wedding, us and two witnesses”

“Oh” they then say, looking aghast, with no attempt to conceal their horror, just like every other person who’s asked the same question. “Is she really upset?”

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Social and Professional Suicide

As many of my friends know, I consider myself to be something of a feminist. What confuses me no end is that so many of my colleagues and friends do not. I often wonder if it’s because the word has lost its meaning, or gained unwelcome connotations. To me, though, it’s simple. I advocate equal rights (social, political and economic) for men and women. I … Continue reading Social and Professional Suicide